Aaaand I’m back.

It’s been a “hot minute,” as the kiddos say, but I’ve finally MacGyvered some domain names (pro tip: just wait until the squatters realize you’re not going to pay $3,400 for it), and now you can soon see some writing samples and acting reels and such. Feels good to have a domain name again!

Please enjoy my self-promotion, activism, general ramblings, and extensive marketing-writing portfolio. Because we all gotta make money these days, and I’m insanely good at marketing writing. I promise to classify every post to make sure you’re finding the stuff you want to read.

Also, hooray to the domain squatter who finally gave up on Yacketycat, and boo to the squatter who thinks wolfehearsyou is a “premium domain.” Bro, I got 1,734 votes in the race (not angry at that, just saying I’m not spending twice as much on the domain as I did on my campaign).



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